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Because You're Mine (HOT SELLER)

Levin Crowdley is engaged to the man of her dreams, or so she thought. That is, until a stranger appears on her doorstep to suggest Alec, her adoring fiancé is anything but. No one has ever left Alec. More precisely; no one has ever left Alec and lived to tell about it...

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The Girl That Got Away

When teenage best friends are kidnapped, the entire population of their midwestern town is rocked to its core. More questions arise when one of the girls reappears 24 hours later with no recollection of what happened...or where her best friend is.

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The Ruined Wife (Coming April 2018)

Alastair Adams thought she had it all. An adoring husband and child, great career, and a lifestyle most would be envious of...

Her life unravels when a fateful decision one night ends with tragic consequences for everyone.

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Meet Marin

Marin Montgomery grew up in the midwest but traded in the cornfields for desert and now calls Arizona her home. Her debut novel, Because You're Mine, was just released in November. When she's not thinking up her next psych twist, she can be found playing a mean game of Scrabble, binge-watching a variety of television shows, and hanging with her ten-month old Goldendoodle, Dashiell.


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The Girl that Got Away pulls you in from the start and never lets go. It'll leave you guessing until the very end and it is borderline impossible to put down. The characters are multi-faceted and intriguing, the plot moves along nicely, and the writing is great.

- Amazon Reader-

I love the whole concept of the book, and it didn't disappoint. It left me with questions on what exactly happened, made you question many things, the characters are endearing and the story is heartbreaking at points. A really great read and one you do not want to pass up!

- Amazon Customer -

This was a great read. I loved the dual-narrative and it definitely kept my attention, may have even caused some anxiety at a couple points. Grab a copy today!

- Amazon Customer -

I absolutely loved this book. It was so hard to put down. The main characters each have their own unique voice and style. Levin was a fantastic character and she really made the book even better. If you love psychological thrillers then you will love this book.

- Amazon Customer -

A book I couldn’t put down. A sick and delusional Alec thinks he owns everyone he meet until Lexus, his fiancé who figured out he killed her best friend and others. Now she’s on the run. Will he find her? A must read full of suspense, brutality and intrigue.

- Amazon Customer -

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